Meet Olena

Please let me introduce you to sugaring by sharing my personal experience.

Shaving and I are not friends and 5 o’clock shadows, razor burn; and thick, coarse hair is not my idea of attractive. So I set off to explore my options. I am cautious of the amount of chemicals my skin makes contact with, and I knew I didn’t want to pay for laser hair removal.Fortunately I came across Alexandria Professional Sugaring. My hair growth is minimal, I am smooth for weeks before my hair grows in. When it does the growth is finer and sparse. My skin is happy I found a safe form of hair removal.


Meet Robyn

I was introduced to sugaring, when Olena and The Sugar Stop was recommended to me, in 2017. Fast forward to 2018 I made my first appointment, and kicked myself for not doing it sooner. I quickly fell in love with it! Slowly eliminating razors from my life and happy to do so! Having hormonal issues, I had tried various methods over the years, with no real luck. Sugaring worked for me, the hair is reduced substantially, it’s gentle and lack of extra chemicals on my skin, I was hooked! In 2019 the opportunity arose to become certified myself, I couldn’t turn it down.

Sugaring vs Waxing

All natural ingredients
Water soluble
Does not adhere to live skin cells
All Sugar is bacteria resistant
Minimal discomfort and irritation
Superior, healthy, hairless results
Safely removes hair from follicle
Helps eliminate in-grown hairs
Safe for sensitive skin conditions
Skin feels soft, clean and comfortable
Contains chemical resins
Difficult to cleanup
Adheres to live skin cells
Bacteria breeds in wax warmers
Very painful and traumatizing to skin
Long-term damage to skin cells
Results in follicle distortion / hair breakage
Can lead to in-grown hairs
Not 100% safe for any skin type
Skin feels raw and irritated

what people say about us

I hadn't had a sugar experience ever (last time was waxing about 19 years ago and was horrible) so Olena came highly recommended. I decided to give it a shot and get a brazillian and the experience was great, she is very kind and inviting and makes the experience very comfortable. I went in a few times with great results but then I decided to try waxing again, I just wanted to see first hand if the techniques and products had changed over the years. I went had it done and I have to be honest, it wasn't as great as I was imagining. First of all, I didn't feel as comfortable and that's important with such a personal service , second of all it actually took longer(application process is less painful and that's the only plus) . I walked out of there with what looked and felt like razor burn red bumps and it felt like a burn for at least a day and a half. With the wax service I never had a truly smooth skin surface and when the hair started growing back it felt as though I had shaved and i had some ingrown hairs that I had to pluck myself. Needless to say I went back to Olena for sugaring!