Q. How long is the ideal hair length?

Roughly a grain of white rice

Q. Is this procedure safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, however every persons skin is unique and there is no guarantee that you will not have a reaction.

Q. How long will it last?

It varies person to person but you can typically expect to stay smooth for a couple of weeks.

Q. Shark week… what do I do?

Make sure you have cleansed prior to and keep everything clean. Make sure to take a mild pain relief med prior to.

Q. Is there a time of month that is better than others?

It is best to visit when you are furthest away from your cycle. 2 days on either side will make the procedure more painful.

Exfoliate throughout the month. It will give you the best results for a few reasons. With regular exfoliation not only do you prevent ingrown but the skin around the hair follicle will not get as thick. This means that your hair removal process will be less painful.

Q. How can I prevent ingrown?

Make sure you exfoliate as often as you can.

Take cleansing showers after the gym or after sweating. If you don’t have a chance to shower make sure that you try to change your underwear asap.

Friction does create problems (you know what Im talking about).

Panty liners can cause ingrown.

Try to stick to cotton, let your skin have a chance to breath. Take breaks from lulu, your skin will thank you.

Q. Is it safe to get sugared while pregnant?

Yes absolutely, however it is much more painful. I recommend not get a Brazilian for the first time at 9 months pregnant.

Q. Do women get hair on their back, tummy, toes, backs of thighs?

Yes, its super normal and I can help take care of that.

You are able to have your hair line sugared. As well as peach fuzz on the face.

Q. Will grow back thicker or black?

It is common for the first service or two to have growth come in a little darker but it then thins out and lightens up.

Eyebrows for some reason are their own playing ground. They always grow back in the same way.

I am not able to sugar sunburnt skin. It will cause an awful reaction. Don’t do it.

Please make sure that you don’t apply lotions prior to your appt. It can interfere with the extraction and often I am unable to complete the service as the oils react with the skin.

If you are on retinol or actuate I am not able to sugar you.

Age defying creams can cause your skin to thin. Please make me aware if you have used any so I can assess the condition of your skin and make certain that I do not damage your skin.

Q. Is it too long?

I can sugar at any length, however it is more painful the longer it is. You can trim prior too if desired.

Try not to shave in between sessions, if you must please shave in the opposite direction of what you are used to.

Do not touch the skin after your service, your pores are open and the risk of bacteria or infection happening is increased.